escort website design

What type of services do you offer?
If it is related to your business then chances are I can help.  if for some reason I cannot do what you are asking then I will be happy to refer you to the many resources I have aquired over the years.


Are your rates really what they are or do you add additonal fees later?
YES! What you see see is exactly what you will pay. Before I begin any new project we will go over everything you want done and what you are quoted is exactly what it will be.  I will never hide any pricing from you or ask you what your budget is in order to determine what to charge.


Why do you not have many websites in your Portfolio?
I have been designing websites for Companions now for 9 years and have always worked strictly from referrals.  I also have several other websites I own specifically for Adult Service Providers Resources so I do not have a lt of time to update my portfolio but will send you as many website examples as you need.  I have many references from some of the most respected ladies and websites out there. For privacy reasons I do not list them here but will provide them to you upon request.


What if I just need a Banner, Hosting, Forum Advertisement, Search Engine Oprimazation or just want a single page website?
Not a problem, You don't have to get a complete website for us to work together.  Just let me know what you need and if it is not listed on the services page we can talk about it and I am sure we can come to a reasonable arrangement to accomplish whatever it is you are looknig to accomplish.


Can you build me a Members Only Website?
YES!  I can build a Members Only Website designed to fit your needs.  Pricing for this is on a case by case basis since there are many factors involved.  If you are just wanting a Members Only Area for your website, that is already included in the Independent Website Complete Package.


What is your availability?  How long will it take to have my website designed? What if I need something done last minute?
My schedule changes all the time depending on my current projects.  I will let you know exactly how long it will take to have your website designed and uploaded.  If you are already a client that I have designed a website for and you need something changed that is urgent I always do my best to make myself available.  You have my phone number, email address and yahoo messenger ID and Gmail Chat ID so getting in touch with me is very easy. 


If you need a change to your website please send me an email with all the details and I will have it completed within 24 hours from the time you submit your changes.  Request sent after 5 pm can take additional 24 hours depending on my availability.  If you have an emergency I will of course make that a priority over all others.  Emergency means that there is a threat to your safety or other extreme circumstance.  In those instances I will get your changes done immediaitely.


"I contacted Orchid Designs to inquire about designing a website for me. James got back to me promptly me with the details I requested. He promised me a quick turn around on the site, and even offered a great deal for hosting. It seemed too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised, the website exceeded my expectations. It's evident that the staff at Orchid Escort Designs are very talented in what they do. "

~ Lani lee