escort website design

If you have an emergency I will of course make that a priority over all others.  Emergency means that there is a threat to your safety or other extreme circumstance.  In those instances I will get your changes done immediaitely.


Fees for additional work are expected to paid before I begin any request.

Please be sure that your content is your own original content and not taken from someone else. (All designs created by Orchid are 100% original and your content is expected to be the same so there is never any question of plagiarism) In addition please be sure to spell check before submitting your content. If you want I can edit your content grammar before uploading it to the website at a cost of $30/hour.

If you or someone other than myself make changes to the code on your website and you need it corrected there will be a $30/hr fee.   I cannot be responsible for fixing other peoples errors at no cost so please be sure that you or anyone else that alters your code knows what they are doing.   It takes a lot more time to fix someone elses mistakes.

If you want changes made to your website outside of the terms we have already agreed upon included in the package you chose please take the time and detail all changes in one email. Each email is considered a request and will be charged separately at the rate of $30/hour. (Example, You want to change 5 photos and want them in certain positions on your gallery and send the request, but then send another request saying you want them in different positions or other photos instead),  etc........

Orchid Designs does not take any responsibility for any written or photographic content on any websites designed.  Orchid Designs does not control the content of the websites designed.  The content on any website designed by Orchid Designs is the sole responsibility of the person/s website.

All websites include a Content Management System for you to edit/upload your content that you are responsible for. I will go over the CMS by phone or there is extensive documentation included in the CMS help files.

Custom Website Design Development Time Frames
  • First draft is ready within 1 week.
  • Final site is ready to launch 2-3 weeks from start date; dependent on your response times.
  • Total revisions included:  first draft and one additional revision allowances. 
  • Any changes/edits after final delivery will be charged on an itemized basis.
  • 50% deposit, photos and content are required to begin development.
  • Start date is confirmed once all initial requirements are in house and the deposit is received
  • During the development process you must be available via email and are allotted 5 business days after each draft to email me a complete list of your edits.  After I receive the edits, your new draft will be returned within 5 business days.  
  • Should you not return your edits within 5 business days, then the turnaround time frame for the next draft will be up to 10 business days from the time your edits are received.
  • Website will be delivered within 24 hours of payment of the final balance due.
  • Rush Job: Add $300, 1 week turnaround on 1st draft and 3 business days on the two additional drafts.

Miscellaneous Project Time Frames and Rates

  • Project quotes and time frames will be provided to the client per individual project.

    Hosting Service:
    Hosting renewals not paid within 10 business days of the hosting expiration date will result in the account being deleted from the server. Hosting is active & billable regardless of whether or not you are using the website or have it set to 'Offline' from within your cpanel.

Automatic Cancellation - The following will result in an automatic project cancellation:
  • Client fails to communicate (without prior notice) for more than 10 business days after a draft and/or invoice is delivered.
  • Client exceeds rescheduling requests, or development fails to resume within 90 calendar days of the original start date.
  • Any other violation of terms outlined herein.
Rescheduling of design development -Client may reschedule development once within the time payment is received until the end of the allotted 5 day response time frame of the second draft. Development must be rescheduled to begin within 90 calendar days of the original start date.

Resuming Services after Cancellation

If an account was terminated or suspended on the server due to non-payment of renewal fees, Client must pay the upcoming hosting renewal fee in addition to $100 fee for the time needed to set everything up again.

Ongoing Maintenance - Clients have available the CMS interface to effect any content changes to their site.  Should you require it, post delivery support, content or design changes are available to clients at itemized rates.  Turn around times per project will be submitted along with the cost quote.  Full prepayment will be required for all invoices under $100.  A 50% deposit will be required to begin projects over $100. 

Content Responsibility - Orchid Designs is only responsible for the technical development of the website and the client must provide all content materials.  Orchid Designs is not responsible for your posting any content on your site that is plagiarized, false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.

Search Engine Ranking - Orchid Designs utilizes appropriate title, meta and image alt tags throughout the website source code. Websites are coded to standards and will validate XHTML Transitional. The Client is responsible for providing all text content for their web pages, including what is used for the Title, Description and Keyword Meta Tags on each page. All above mentioned content can be added/modified by the Client at any time through their Content Management System. The client is also responsible for any 3rd party marketing solutions.  Orchid Designs does not guarantee any ranking of your web site in any search engine and does not perform any marketing services.

Delivery of website and Acceptance

a) Delivery & Final Payment - Uploading a website to your Hosting account, sending files through FTP, or any other media is considered as delivery of website after which the client is not eligible for a refund of any monies paid. Upon delivery and full payment of website, Orchid Designs agrees not to resell or redistribute client's website to anyone else.

b) Acceptance - Client will notify Orchid Designs of any errors or omissions for rectification within a period of 5 business days from delivery. After 5 days from delivery, Client is deemed to accept services as delivered and further edits/changes will be charged at itemized rates.